5 Steps to Create Great YouTube Ads


YouTube is part of the display network of Google AdWords and it is a great source of opportunity to engage with you audience. It can be used for different parts of the customer journey.


Define your objective.

First think about what your objective for a You Tube campaign will be. For example, you can build awareness, influence consideration, drive sales or grow customer loyalty.

Something for every stage of the journey.

Decide how you are going to approach people in each stage of the customer journey. There are different ad formats for every stage of the journey. People in the early awareness stage might not like being targeted with long non-skippable ads.



The skippable ad format on YouTube can be a very useful way to define who your target audience is. You are only charged once someone watches more than the first 30 seconds. You can remarket to this audience of watchers on YouTube with another video. They are likely to be interested in what you offer.



YouTube allows remarketing to list of customer emails, web visitors or channel subscribers. This is an amazing way to re-engage with audiences and encourage them to return to your website. To select remarketing, build your audience in Google Analytics or upload customer email list in the shared library. Then choose Video Targeting in the campaign you would like to add it to and select the list by clicking on the red Remarketing button.



YouTube marketing might not generate a lot of conversions and its goal is slightly different. You can use advertising to increase your channel subscriptions, earn views for your other videos, generate web visits. You can add these metrics in AdWords by clicking on Columns-Modify Columns-YouTube Earned actions. You can also check the amount of interactions (clicks and views) and the total interaction rate. Low interaction rate might mean that your ad is not relevant or the creative is not interesting.


YouTube Banners.

When you run display campaigns on Google AdWords some of the banners will appear on YouTube videos – either on the right of the video in a square shape or on the lower part of the video in a rectangle. You can add these also as a companion to your video. In this case, once someone has watched the video ad they can also see a banner on the side which can lead them to a landing page.