Landing Page Strategy Using Psychology


For the last couple of months, I have been working on a video course about landing page strategy with psychology, which is now available on*


Working with different businesses I have realised that so many of them focus way too much on driving traffic to their website (With the ultimate questions – “How can we get more?”) without having a real strategy on how to capture it effectively.


By capturing I mean creating interesting free material, which web visitors can download in return of their email address or other personal data.  The reason for doing this is to engage with your website visitors and keep the within reach. If you don’t do this, every time you try to drive more traffic to your landing page, it gets more and more expensive. By expensive, I mean not only costing money if you are using pay per click advertising, but also time, efforts and ingenuity.


Landing pages are the strongest tool of an online marketer. Getting visitors to subscribe and collect at least their emails is essential to make sales. Here is why:


A landing page helps you identify prospects.


The reality is that a lot of the people who come to your website are there for various reasons. Having a lead magnet (a valuable free information, people can access if they subscribe for your list) can help you identify how many of them are genuinely interested.


Get on demand traffic with emails.


The list of emails you create with your landing page can then be used as on demand traffic. You can carefully segment your lists depending on what your prospects are interested in and to which lead magnet they responded.


Quality your cold traffic.


The most valuable part of it is the opportunity to communicate with your interested prospects by sending them educational, useful material. Only after you win their trust, you will be able to sell them.


Who is it for?

This strategy works very well when it comes to high priced products or services which require multiple decision makers to approve the deal. I would recommend it for any business, trying to build their name and generate more sales.




How do you get people to subscribe via landing page?

I explore the psychological strategy used by some of the best online marketers and entrepreneurs in the world today. You will see what makes the landing page of Tony Robins, Tai Lopez, Sam Ovens so good and how they use psychology. I deconstruct a landing page to its basic elements:


  • Lead magnet
  • Text
  • Image
  • Call to action button
  • Form
  • Thank you page



What else do you get?


If you enrol in my landing page course you get life time access to the material.  I regularly upgrade and update the content with no extra charge. There are practical exercises to help you create a landing page for your product, or for a client you are consulting. If you want to see some lecture previews follow this link to the course on

*You can check my previous course Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Success  which focuses in a more overall strategy including capturing, traffic and email. This course has over 2700 enrolled students since November 2017.