Geo Targeting in Digital Marketing is the Superpower for Physical Location Businesses


Google AdWords Display Network Geo Targeting


You can choose in the settings of your display as an objective to drive visits to your store, or any physical location your business is in. Google will smartly target by location visitors who are in the area you choose. The campaign can bid higher for these users automatically and help you get more people through the door.


Don’t forget also listing your business location on Google My Business (Google Maps) and add a locations extension to your search ads. Ad extensions improve click-through rate and advertisers who use them tend to get better ad rank on Google search.

Instagram Geo Targeting


This is a great tip I learned about recently while watching my favourite Gary Vaynerchuk. There are few techniques which can generate a lot of noise about your business and what’s great – for free.

If you have a pop-up food stand or a coffee shop and you want to attract people around you one simple way is to just type in the location you are nearby in the search bar. Then simply check the top 9 posts Instagram will show you for this location. These are people, who are either right there and have just posted, or influential profiles which have generated a lot of engagement. In both cases, you should go after them and send them a direct message. Offer them a product for free. One out of nine will come over and take the product and if you do this every day at a certain time, one of these people will share a post about you very week. It is enough one of these people who post to be influential online and this is all you will need to get attention.


Facebook Geo Targeting


Facebook has a great way of targeting people by geographic location up to a small radius. When you create a paid campaign, you can carefully define your range and offer a special deal for people who are around this location. The ad will show to the people, physically closest to you.

Facebook-campaign objective

To use this objective, you must create a business location in Business Manager. You can either go to Assets and set up a Business Location, or if you don’t see it, you can request access to the location.


Facebook-Business Manager-Locations

Twitter Geo Targeting


You can target by location on Twitter, too. They don’t have a special campaign objective for in store locations, but you can use the same strategy as with Instagram. If you want your ads to appear only to people in a local area, you can choose postcode targeting.