Why people are not buying from your website?


Ever wondered why people put goods in the shopping basket on your website and then abandon? Or even worse, they click on your expensive PPC ad and then leave your carefully written landing page and click the back button straight away.

The answer is simple – they don’t know you, they don’t trust you, they don’t like you. Sounds logical, when you think about it, but how many brilliant websites out there are trying to sell you on their home page? Even if they don’t, they usually have one page with all their products and prices and the only option for you would be to buy. The hard truth is that not all people who go on your website want to buy. A very small portion would ever buy from you. Here is why:

1. They don’t know you. The reason you are likely to meet resistance, if you try to offer marriage to someone who you see on a first date, is valid for business. Even if your product is phenomenal, people will be sceptics. This is not their fault, it’s your job to turn them from sceptics to believers. So, don’t be stingy – offer something for free and get their emails. This is how you can always stay in touch with them. Once they get to know you and your product by trial, your chance of a sale will increase.

2. They don’t trust you. Why would someone trust you? People online have not met you and there is an inherent fear of scams and trickery online. Even well established brands have trust issues, why would you be an exception? To make people trust you, you must try to engage with them without selling. Start by emailing an informative and useful newsletter. Show what you are good at, create some value for them. In this world where everyone is trying to get their money – be the good guy.

3. They don’t like you. There could be many reasons why they don’t like you. There might have been a negative review, maybe a friend of theirs has got negative experience with you, or even a company which vaguely resembles you. They might just have a presumption that people in your industry are crooks. You must get them to like you. Try to get them interested in your social media posts. Show your face or the faces of your team. Try to sound human when you send emails or blog.

Think of the way you feel when you enter a shop and the salesperson tries immediately to persuade you to buy. Entering an online store is even trickier, as you don’t have the credibility with a physical location. People will be sceptics by default. It’s your job to turn them into customers.