LinkedIn Finally Launched Remarketing – How to Make Use of It?


After years of lagging behind a lot of PPC platforms, LinkedIn now wants to focus their attention on advertisers. Since a change of the interface of the platform about a month ago, LinkedIn is making efforts to catch up with other widely used advertising platforms.


I have loved LinkedIn from the beginning. It is such great place to connect with professionals, find out about jobs and company news. I have got both jobs and sales there in the past.


However when it comes to advertising it is a tricky platform with changeable success. If you are working in the education sector or job placement, LinkedIn stays one of the best platforms. Now it is allowing remarketing to web visitors, email lists and account followers.


Let’s go into the new solutions:


Web traffic remarketing.

Same as Facebook and Google, now you can show your ads to people who have previously been on specific pages of your website. You must first install a tracking tag to your website to allow LinkedIn to follow your visitors. Here is a video on how to do this:


Once you have installed the tag, you can create new audience form the Audience tab of your   campaign. You must choose the first option – Retargate your website visitors and select which URL to use as a rule to target previous visitors. Same as with Google AdWords you can create audience, depending on exact web page or a single words which the URL contains. You can add several rules in the same audience. However you can not exclude visitors to a particular webpage, which is not ideal. After choosing your rules you must wait until your audience get populated.


Contact Remarketing


Similar to the Google Custom Match audience and Facebook List of Contacts, now LinkedIn offers you to upload a list of emails and names. This information has to be collected with the permission of your subscribers. Therefore, you should not use lists of names of people who have not given you any consent to collect their information.

You musts choose a CSV file with minimum of 300 names. The more, the better chance of accurate reach on LinkedIn. It takes up to 48 hours for the system to create the remarking audience on LinkedIn.

Account Remarketing.


This is a perfect feature if you are a B2B, if you want to target potential clients. You can upload a CSV file with company names.  In addition, your ads will show only to the appropriate influencers and decision makers in these companies. LinkedIn recommends to have a minimum of 1000 companies to start with remarketing. Therefore, the more, the better.

I am really excited to see how LinkedIn will continue its development as a platform, because it has great potential. I will keep you operated about my results with LinkedIn remarketing, so until then happy targeting!